Card of the Week – Blue Takedown

The Movie Collection has been out in the wild for a few weeks, and the metagame is in a state of flux! In this edition of Card of the Week, we’ll be looking at a Blue attack that is sure to show up at Regionals.

Blue Takedown provides a massive roadblock to any deck attempting to win by MPPV, such as Garlic Jr. Similarly, any slow-starting MPs like Lord Slug or Vegeta will feel the sting of being sent down a level. The effect does require your opponent’s anger to be at exactly 1 when you play it, but Blue has multiple avenues to achieve that condition.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

When playing against Blue decks of all archetypes, be prepared to face this card. Though playing too patiently can be a death sentence against Blue, don’t be afraid to uniquely sequence your actions in a way that makes Blue Takedown awkward to utilize!