CRD Version 4.3

The CRD has been updated to v 4.3 – read about the changes below!

Version 4.3 of the CRD is available here – note the updated text in red.

In order to promote a higher level of diversity in the upcoming season of Organized Play, the following changes have been made to the CRD:


Cell – Unstoppable may only use his Power to lower a Level once per game. This allows for a wider range of strategies and MPs in the competitive format, while still maintaining the overall function and potency of Cell.
  • Namekian Flinch no longer “plays” the Dragon Ball, but rather “places it into play.” You can expect an MRP promo of this card in the future.

Overwhelming Power now checks for a “non-Mastery” search effect. It is functionally unchanged, other than losing the interaction with Namekian Restored Mastery.

Finally, Black Smoothness Drill is limited to one copy per deck for this season of Organized Play. This is a deck-building restriction, and as such it is subject to un-restriction at a later date (and is not currently planned as an “MRP”).

This new CRD is effective immediately, so it will be in full swing when Regionals begin on June 18th! These changes are easy to implement once known, but be sure to spread the word and keep everyone up to date!

The DBZ TCG Wiki has also been updated with the latest round of Perfection rulings, be sure to reference it for further clarifications.

Of note:

“Timing when advancing/changing levels: When exactly are all Drills discarded, and when exactly do effects like Red Saving Drill, Red Threatening Drill, Master Roshi level 1 and 2, and Orange Duck trigger and resolve?”

Mechanically, after you do something to advance your personality (reach 5+ anger, play effect that advances your MP, etc) you would carry out things in the following order:

1) physically advance to your next MP Level, 2) set your MP at 10 stages above 0, 3) set your anger to 0 (if you advanced due to anger), 4) discard your drills, (and for reference, 5) any “After..” effects such as Orange Adept Mastery would take place here).

Red Saving Drill’s “when you are changing levels” would apply when you actually level up, and the optional banishment would be made before “4)” on the above sequence.

Red Threatening Drill’s “when you advance a level” would apply when you actually advance a level, and the optional banishment would be made immediately before “4).” This is a competing timing with Red Saving Drill.

Similar to other constant Powers, Master Roshi Level 1 or 2’s constant effect must be on the table and active in order to apply. If you were to level up by playing a card that shuffles your deck, you would not be able to use Master Roshi – Expectant’s “Rejuvenate 1″ effect. Master Roshi – Overwhelmed’s “when you advance to this level” parenthetical text would have competing timing with the “when you advance” text from Red Threatening Drill – both take place immediately before “4).”

Orange Duck’s “the next time you change levels” effect would have competing timing with Red Threatening Drill and take place immediately before “4).”


13 thoughts on “CRD Version 4.3

  1. The Namekian Flinch ruling is pretty legit. I’m glad for the Cell ruling, because that level 4 threatened to keep all but the angriest decks down at level 1.

    Sort of disappointed there’s nothing in there about Orange Tank Barrage. That card can be brutally good, and having 2 drills out to use the effect is stupid easy for Orange.


    • My guess is that since they aren’t changing the wording on Smoothness to make it Limit 1 per deck, and instead are just restricting it for this tournament season means Panini is going to fix the core issue, which is not enough Damage viable effects that can remove Drills.
      If they print more viable styled Drill removal, then unrestrict Black Smoothness Drill, that would help the most.


  2. Interesting. I like it. Smoothness drill is too good. A player is forced to enter at a hand disadvantage when the opposing player controls a Smoothness drill just to get rid of the Smoothness. If there was a card that removed smoothness drill during the planning step then I can see Smoothness going back to 3… Also I suppose DBZ will utilize a “restriction list,” where cards are limited. Very Interesting. I do like the Flinch change too. I love Namibian but I’ll admit it, that card just did too much at a level 3 MP.


  3. Very well done, Panini. This is EXACTLY what I wanted to see. Now more strategies/MPs are viable and I am so, SO pumped for some organized play. As a Namekian/Black lover I still am excited about each and every one of these changes.


  4. Well very interesting picks this time, I do feel targeting one deck that much is a move Konami. But I do like the flinch hit, it was a great way to balance a card and keep its original feel. On the other change of overwelming power, again it felt targeted so maybe change it to say counts as styled or named for non-mastery effects would be fair and a good place holder to the future. Many of my group have mixed feelings about the cell hit, realisticly it would have been better to force him back to 2 or put a high cost for his lowering level effect. Just removing an aspect of a card is not the best option in the long haul. I really liked how Cell was the anti lame or stall decks and now he has lost much of that feel. Finally it is to note that these changes will deffently effect the outcome of the next event.


  5. Alright than errata promo krillin to crit 4 times a game. Also errata true power to remove both players discard pile if stopped , to make it actually a ultra rare card. Seriously im ok with everything else but krillin and true power need to be changed.


  6. All these changes are great. Also interested to see how a “restricted list” will play out as opposed to a full out errata of limit 1 per. Excited to see how the game will keep evolving.


  7. Seems like pretty harsh nerf for cell. Leaping kick is the real problem. I just don’t get the Black Smoothness Drill restriction. I’ve never really seen a problem with it. It’s not like you can have 3 in play…


    • I don’t think the issue is having 3 Smoothness Drill in your deck as much as the problem of 3 copy redundancy combined with a lack of Drill removal effects that are tournament viable in certain Styles.
      I’m hoping they print more viable styled Drill removal to self correct the issue, then unrestrict Black Smoothness Drill.


    • Leaping kick is not the problem. There are plenty of other ways to jump levels. The problem was a constant engine to keep your opponent at lvl 1 and not only negate the MPPV win condition, but make certain MPs unplayable. This was a perfect compromise because it makes Cell more balanced while not making him useless.

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      • I also don’t think Leaping Kick is THE problem, but I do believe it represents a problem moving forward as far as its template goes.
        I am for Level Advancement effects existing, but I believe Leaping Kick represents a type of card that would have been better wording as Gain 6 Anger, instead.

        I am for non-attack cards that level advance one player or both players.
        I am for attack cards that level advance both players together, even if a rider exists (such as the HIT effect on I’ll Dig Your Grave!)
        I am against Level Advancement as an immediate effect on an attack card.

        The reason I’m pointing this out goes along with how Namekian Flinch has become more powerful over time, necessitating the CRD change. I think this template also has potential problems as the game goes on if it continues on other cards. Think about the following points and see what you think about a modified Leaping Kick and whether you think it’s healthy, just as a thought exercise.

        “You may search your Life Deck for 2 Dragon Balls and Banish them. If you do, raise your Anger 6 levels”

        “You may search your Life Deck for 2 Dragon Balls and Banish them. If you do, advance both players MPs 1 level.”

        “You may search your life Deck for 2 Dragon Balls and Banish them.
        HIT: If you Banished 2 Dragon Balls with this card’s immediate effect, you may advance your MP 1 level.”.


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