Gen Con Registration

Pre-registration for the Gen Con Qualifier is now open – click here to sign up! Check out the prizes below:

Registration for the main event is capped at 256, and please note that there are side events on Thursday and Friday. 

The Gen Con Qualifier will be a standard format event, with Top Cut taking place on Sunday.

All participants in the Qualifier event will receive three copies of P9 Red Trailing Blast and  P13 Red City Destruction (note: this card is misprinted as ENERGY COMBAT, it is an EVENT):



Players that qualify for Top Cut will receive three copies each of P2 Black Punishment, P14 Orange Uppercut, and P2 Orange Precise Shot:


In addition, the top four players will qualify for Worlds – and the winner will earn the right to create a card for future release!

All of these promos will have an extremely limited release, but you’ll also be able to find them at other events throughout the season – such as Dragon Prix – New Orleans, Australian Nationals, and the Open Worlds Qualifier.





7 thoughts on “Gen Con Registration

  1. I just really dislike MRP promos having the same picture. I mean, the only promos we get are alternate art(usually of really good cards that get a lot of play) but then these are generally less played cards and look just like the exact card that got thrown in a box 6 sets ago.


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