Awakening Previews: Celebrating Cell!

See the final Starter Deck MP/Mastery below:

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Namekian Radiant Mastery (though playable with Namek DBs) is one of the primary reasons to run the Earth Dragon Balls. Whenever one of your Earth DBs enters play during combat, you gain an anger – allowing for some extreme combos! The Mastery’s activated Power is able to find a Dragon Ball whenever less than 3 of yours are in play, giving a wide range of utility and synergistic interactions with Namekian cards from Awakening. Finally, meeting a threshold of 3 Earth DBs causes all of your attacks to do +2 life cards of damage  – enabling Cell and Gohan to buff Assisted Kamehameha to crit range!

Most of the characters released in Awakening benefit from the opportunity to mix and match between multiple MP sets, and Cell has some intriguing options in this regard.

Aside from direct deck destruction, Cell – Prepared has the ability to manipulate either player’s anger – allowing for smooth transitions off of Level 1, powerful anti-anger tactics, or perhaps even leveling up your opponent’s MP! 

Meanwhile, Cell’s Instant Power provides access to one of three Cell Jr. Allies.

Cell may run all three of them, but only one copy of each!

The Cell Juniors are unable to gain stages, making them function differently than normal Allies that soak up damage. Cell Jr. – Trapped is the most likely target for Cell’s effect, providing a -1 life card modifier while buffing Cell’s milling. Cell Jr. – Unrelenting has  a small attack, and Cell Jr. – Escaping can banish itself for another “destroy” effect. While Cell is likely to make light use of the latter two Allies, watch for their interactions with Cell Jr. MP!

Cell – Combative has permanent access to Cell Jr. – Trapped, as well as a massive deck destruction ability. Activating his Power can also take your MP to 0, which is a boon for builds with a higher count of Allies.

Cell – Smooth competes with the highly playable Cell – Perfect, and allows for a deeper investment in other Saiyan Allies like Nappa and Turles. This attack Power again brings a stunning amount of automatic deck destruction, but gives up the general utility of his old Level 3.

Regardless of how you decide to compile your Cell stack, it will culminate in Cell – Unstoppable. This is a MRP of the Dragon Rare Cell Level 4 from Perfection, and the ability to drop a Level after searching for any Styled card can lead to large combats in any Ally based build.

Cell also receives a new named card in Awakening, and it rewards running the full suite of Cell Jr. Allies. When played, it has the ability to return any Ally to your opponent’s hand – or you can bounce one of your own Cell Jr. to destroy 3! On top of that, Rejuvenating this card adds even more deck destruction – perhaps immediately after being played!

Check back next week for more previews from Awakening, including the first reveal of a Booster MP! Until then, you can find additional spoilers on the following fansites and podcasts:

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Awakening Previews: Celebrating Cell!

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