Four for Friday: December MetaX Winners! 

Contest winners, NFL Five gameplay, and more!

1. NFL Five Gameplay Video

See two fans play an informative introductory match here!

2. MetaX Winners

On Tuesday, we asked participants to post their favorite characters from Attack on Titan and/or the DC Comics universe. Villains received no votes, while the most popular individual characters were Green Lantern and The Flash. The three randomly selected winners (and their choices):

  • Chris L. (Mikasa/Constantine)
  • Issac V. (Nightwing)
  • Rick B. (Wonder Woman)

Thanks to all that entered, and watch for the next MetaX giveaway in 2020!

3. NFL Five FAQ

“If you play two Action cards on a turn, do you still only draw one Action card before the next play?”

Correct. You can play multiple Action cards on the same turn to gain an advantage, but you may find yourself with less options in the later stages of the game.

4. NFL Five Holiday Giveaway

Check back on Tuesday to see the participation details for our NFL Five Holiday giveaway (including unannounced bonus prizes), then visit the Panini Games Facebook page to enter. The contest will run until December 20th – with winners announced Friday on the blog!