Movie Collection


C1 Kami – Guardian
C2 Master Roshi – Scouted
C3 Oolong – Concerned
C4 Yajirobe – Bundled
C5 Dr. Wheelo – Intelligent
C6 Garlic Jr. – Confrontational
C7 Lord Slug – Amazed
C8 Turles – Fighter
C9 Black Amusement Drill
C10 Black Chopping Drill
C11 Black Blinding Burst
C12 Black Dense Ball
C13 Black Dismissal
C14 Black Flying Knee
C15 Black Resistance
C16 Black Stop
C17 Blue Minions
C18 Blue Escaping Drill
C19 Blue Barrier
C20 Blue Encircled Strike
C21 Blue Floating Beam
C22 Blue Rejection
C23 Blue Safeguard
C24 Blue Slash
C25 Namekian Reinforced Drill
C26 Namekian Choke
C27 Namekian Clench
C28 Namekian Mouth Beam
C29 Namekian Reinforced Block
C30 Namekian Reinforced Defense
C31 Namekian Reinforced Charge
C32 Namekian Reinforced Jab
C33 Namekian Right Burst
C34 Orange Disaster Drill
C35 Orange Confidence
C36 Orange Desperation
C37 Orange Eruption
C38 Orange Extension
C39 Orange Flee
C40 Orange Gathering
C41 Orange Reactive Strike
C42 Orange Smash
C43 Red Maneuvering Drill
C44 Red Saving Drill
C45 Red Face Break
C46 Red Hop
C47 Red Resourceful Block
C48 Red Right Punch
C49 Red Slide
C50 Red Vaulted Kick
C51 Saiyan Hanging Out Drill
C52 Saiyan Charge
C53 Saiyan Counter Kick
C54 Saiyan Enjoyment
C55 Saiyan Evasion
C56 Saiyan Headbutt
C57 Saiyan Leaping Burst
C58 Saiyan Overpowering Blast
C59 Saiyan Swat
C60 Lookout Drill
U61 Dr. Wheelo – Big Brain
U62 Dr. Wheelo – Scheming
U63 Dr. Wheelo – Confined
U64  Dr. Wheelo – Robotic
U65 Garlic Jr. – Commanding
U66 Garlic Jr. – Crazed
U67 Garlic Jr. – Observant
U68 Garlic Jr. – Transformed
U69 Lord Slug – Aged
U70 Lord Slug – Successful
U71 Lord Slug – Renewed
U72 Lord Slug – Huge
U73 Turles – Shadowy
U74 Turles – Watchful
U75 Turles – Triumphant
U76 Turles – Conquering
U77 Black Chaos
U78 Black Entrance
U79 Black Back Strike
U80 Black Teamwork
U81 Black Tracing Beam
U82 Blue Dominance
U83 Blue Double Blast
U84 Blue Intervention
 U85  Blue Surround
U86 Blue Upward Barrage
U87 Namekian Disturbance
U88 Namekian Erasing Blast
U89 Namekian Gut Punch
U90 Orange Captivity Drill
U91 Orange Commanding Drill
U92 Orange Distracting Drill
U93 Red Dazing Drill
U94 Red Freezing Beam
U95 Red Tandem Attack
U96 Red Trailing Blast
U97 Saiyan Freedom
U98 Saiyan Aerial Attack
U99 Saiyan Lunge
U100 Saiyan Upward Kick
R101 Black Chin Kick
R102 Black Combo
R103 Black Dash
R104 Black Daze
R105 Blue Observation Drill
R106 Blue Precarious Defense
R107 Blue Surprise
R108 Blue Takedown
R109 Namekian Growth
R110 Namekian Knockback
R111 Namekian Overwatch
R112 Namekian Right Kick
R113 Namekian Surprise Attack
R114 Orange Spotlight
R115 Orange Electricity
R116 Orange Empowered Kick
R117 Orange Uncontrolled Blast
R118 Red Relaxation
R119 Red Threatening Drill
R120 Red Mule Kick
R121 Red Restriction
R122 Red Retreat
R123 Saiyan Arrival
R124 Saiyan Menace
R125 Saiyan Backbreaker
R126 Saiyan Studying
R127 Dr. Wheelo’s Revival
R128 Dr. Wheelo’s History
R129 Garlic Jr.’s Dead Zone
R130 Garlic Jr.’s Counter Blast
R131 Lord Slug’s Fist Slam
R132 Lord Slug’s Regeneration
R133 Turles’ Fruit
R134 Turles’ Energy Ring
R135 Information Gathering
R136 Tree of Might
R137 Ensnared
R138 Flip Toss
R139 Pulverize
R140 Sagacious Strike
UR141  I’ll Dig Your Grave!
UR142  True Power

9 thoughts on “Movie Collection

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  2. I notice you are trying to replace locations with attach cards but honestly that just seems like it will overcomplicate things in the long run. Introducing locations as a card type would be the simplest and most effevtive way to go about it. It also will prevent people from thinking you are just creating attach cards to be lazy (which it currently looks like). Overall i like the looks of the set though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No more locations ever! Attached cards are perfect. I like the fact that their staying away from effects that work for both players and have players focusing more on building their ideal board state or stunning you with their attached cards in combat, instead of jamming a Dying Planet or Winter Countryside in the planning step and not have to worry about it being removed for the rest of the game.

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  3. I think moving the personality cards into uncommon and their cards into rares was smart, but unless planning to leave that for draft purposes I think it should be swapped. Since Personalities are something you really only need one of, putting them in a rare slot makes them a more valuable commodity and making them worth trading. Since the personality cards can only be used by their personality, making them uncommon doesn’t matter that much, despite the power of the cards. I very much like allies all being moved into commons.


  4. Just got my first box and it seems like every pack I opened I got 3-4 mps of the same level. I hope they continue with a movie set 2!


  5. No promo cards this time around? I’m not entirely disappointed. While I liked that they were reprints and not unique, I do think there were way too many too quickly. you shouldn’t still be releasing set 1 promos during the set 3 release.

    A couple specific ones here and there would be nice.


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  7. I must admit i was somewhat hoping for cooler and broly to be in this set. I think broly with a raise anger effect until level 4 then having an unstoppable physical attack would be awesome as a beatdown


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