Uncommon Occurrence: Previewing Every 2014 Dragon Ball Z TCG Uncommon Card (Gallery)

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

On the heels of yesterday’s revealing look at the Prizm and Common cards coming to Friday’s release of the 2014 Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game comes today’s preview of the set’s Uncommon cards. In the gallery below, we showcase 37 as-yet-unseen Uncommons from the set. You can check the previously released Uncommons from our partner sites at DBZ Top Tier, DBZ Fanatics, Retro DBZ and the Panini DBZ Facebook News Page.

Uncommons will be randomly inserted at a rate of four per Booster Pack; Commons will fall roughly six to seven cards per Booster Pack. Check out the gallery below and stay tuned to Panini America’s Official Dragon Ball Z Blog for a must-see preview of the set’s Rare cards.

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Panini America Sneaks a Peek at 2014 Dragon Ball Z TCG Prizms, Commons and More

Panini America 2014 Dragon Ball Z TCG Prizms Previews (15)

We’ve spent the better part of the last month here on the official blog of the Panini America Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game providing exclusive glimpses of the set in advance of Friday’s highly anticipated release date. But now that release week is finally here, we’re about to ramp up our previewing efforts. Today, we’re giving you the world-premiere first look at the set’s Prizm cards and the Common cards that you haven’t seen yet either here or on one of our partner sites.

Panini America’s Optichrome Prizm technology has taken the sports card world by storm in the last three years, but they’ve never before appeared in a Dragon Ball Z release — until now. Beginning Friday, the Prizm technology will begin gripping the gaming crowd in a big way. One look at the images below and you’ll understand why. Each Starter Deck of the 2014 Dragon Ball Z TCG will include five base Prizm cards and one Prizm Rainbow parallel.

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