Z Warrior Mailbag – Post Launch Edition

Howdy! Heroes & Villains is now in full effect, and there is electricity in the air. The release of a new set is always an exciting time for innovation. New decks to build, new strategies to counter, new combos to try – the lifeblood of a CCG player! Let’s hear from the fans:

“Is tournament play going to allow a side deck? I like the new cards a lot but I can’t fit any of them at all.”

-Christian W.

While there are no plans to introduce a side deck any time soon, it’s something that will always be considered. Our ultimate goal is to provide a balanced game that is enjoyable to play, so it’s possible that a side deck might be something worth revisiting.

“Can you please clearly define which altered cards and promos are legal for tournament play? Thank you for bringing back this game!!”

-James D. from Oregon

This was addressed in a previous mailbag, but let’s go more in depth. In order for a card to be tournament legal, it must be an actual DBZ TCG card printed by Panini America. This means that all promotional cards are legal, such as the MPs released at the San Diego Comic Con. Artistic alterations to cards are permitted, provided that they do not obscure relevant game text or intentionally make the card unrecognizable. For example, modifications like doodling a hat on a character or having a signature on a card would be perfectly acceptable. However, changing the art completely to a different character (or even the same character in a different pose) would not be permissible. Finally, for a card to be legal it must be unmarked. A legal card must be indiscernible from any other card in your deck (the card can’t be thicker due to alterations, bent in a way that makes it stand out, etc).

Based on the sets released so far, it appears that all MPs from set 1 and the starters get allies in set 2 and vice versa.  Can we expect MPs of the allies in set 2, to appear in set 3?  Namely Zarbon and Dodoria?”

-Anthony P.

While they may be revisited at a later date, you can expect that most side characters will only show up as Allies. On the flipside, MPs will often return in Ally form – as seen with the suite of Allies included in Heroes & Villains.

“Will you ever reprint Ultra Rares? Specifically, the Spheres?”

-Jackson F. from New York

There are no current plans to reprint Ultra Rare cards. However, we will continue to look at their distribution rate and aim for a mix of both collectability and accessible gameplay.

That brings us to the end, but remember that you can have your questions and comments addressed here by emailing dbz@paniniamerica.net with “MAILBAG” in the title. Please include your first name, last initial, and location – and send all ruling inquiries to the same address. As always, we’ll finish with the question of the week:

Which MP has improved the most with the release of Heroes & Villains?

10 thoughts on “Z Warrior Mailbag – Post Launch Edition

  1. This won’t be a popular post, but here’s a proposal anyway on the topic of Spheres:

    In the future, release a generic ‘Energy Sphere’ card at a lower Rarity.
    After you do, errata the UR Spheres to be Limit 1 per Deck (errata is a nasty word).

    This will make having 3 Spheres accessible to any deck with the option of a 4th with upsides. This will mirror Trunks’ Energy Sphere in a Trunks Deck under the old rules (Named cards can go to 4 copies if they match the personality).

    This will also correct the supply and demand equation for the current Spheres, averaging about $120 US on ebay.


    • Errata is never the answer. Ever. Print a limit 1 per deck low rarity sphere that draws you a card. The URs will still be sought after for more than one per deck, but the price will be cut in half because everyone can have 1 of the better one in every deck.


      • Errata is a dirty word, but it is the answer to specific problems.
        Supply and Demand is the problem with the current Spheres.

        This wouldn’t be a problem if the Supply increases, or the Demand decreases. If their stance is. “There are no current plans to reprint Ultra Rare cards.”, then the Supply isn’t going to increase.

        That means Demand is what needs to be decreased.
        I agree with your sentiment that erratas are bad, but this is to illustrate the flaw in their current stance more than anything.

        The best possible scenario for fans is a product like the Capsule Corp Power Packs to be introduced that provides a Supply increase for staple cards, like Time is a Warrior’s Tool and Confrontation. Both of those saw reprints in CCPPs. Luckily, this doesn’t need to be done yet, but this will be a consideration to make in a year or two form now.


    • The issue here is first and foremost Panini is a company that has made its entire livelihood off of collectors’ items. Because of this $120 is normal if not cheap for a higher rarity item for them. But reprints are not the answer. First and foremost, to the best of my knowledge Set 1 is not leaving circulation, so supply isn’t actually dropping. So a reprint isn’t the answer.
      I will not deny that there is an issue. Before set 2 launched I would have told you that the price was entirely hype price from the old game. Sadly now with the new set, its the only card in the game that can stop Tien’s Preparation, a card that is easily the strongest card in the game. I am not opposed to another card that can stop an event, like a limit 1 or 2 setup or something.

      Dueling the Insurmountable *****
      (picture of Goku and Vegeta’s famous standoff)
      (Limit 2 Per deck) Name an event. That event cannot be played for the remainder of combat.


      • My answer would be to make a worse lower rarity sphere (EX: sphere an event and destroy the top card of your deck), or give each style a limit one sphere with a unique effect to its style. Red would gain an anger, black would banish stuff, etc. This would keep the UR spheres valuable and worth getting, but not a vital pick up.


    • He was never unplayable, just considerably lacking for certain styles. And the price is more the fact he was exclusive and will never again be printed than his potential play. He was already expensive before the set was ever spoiled.


    • Frieza got a nice little place in blue. It’s shaping up to be quite a solid little deck that I have thoroughly enjoyed brewing.


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