Card of the Week – Red Embarrassing Drill

Hi folks! Before getting to the Card of the Week, I encourage you to check out! Be sure to watch for the Heroes & Villains full checklist, which will be added soon. Now, let’s get down to business.

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Red Embarrassing Drill is the latest addition to Red’s ever growing stable of premium drills. Along with cards like Red Forward Stance Drill, Red Tactical Drill, Red Emergency, and Red Power Punch, it is easy to envision the foundation of a drill based Red deck. Utilizing the effect of Red Embarrassing Drill with some of the more expensive payment effects is optimally efficient, so give extra consideration to Red Back Kick, Red Shielded Strike, and Red Combined Blast. Of course, it’s always worth noting that it ekes out additional utility with Endurance 2.

In a more control oriented build (i.e., Raditz, Frieza), Red Embarrassing Drill is a good source of fuel for defensive effects that require to lower your anger. At the same time, it has applications in more offensive builds that don’t run a large drill package. Either way, don’t understimate its impact!

3 thoughts on “Card of the Week – Red Embarrassing Drill

  1. I’ve been playing a very solid Red Deck for the past few weeks against the people out here, and have loved the damage effects that occur through it. My coworkers, who play with me, often refer to it as the “But wait! There’s more!” Deck.

    That being said, I don’t have a single card in my deck that lowers my anger. That’s not what Red is for. Having this card in there though, I can see the usefulness of having a deck with Red Combined Blast in it.

    Still, after buying 2 booster boxes of the new Heroes and Villains cards, I didn’t have a single one of these cross my path. Guess I’ll have to keep looking.


    • I wouldn’t say Red has no room for anger lowering. It’s a strategy. There are tons of cards that lower your anger in Red. Just because Red is the anger style, doesn’t mean you HAVE to go for MPPV. The anger lowering effects give you some great effects and Red style gives you a constant source of anger to use these effects. it’s a great synergy that really helps the style be competitive in multiple strategies rather than just “gain anger for MMPV”.


  2. You guys finally got the site up- that’s awesome! Congrats!

    I think you guys did an especially good job on the new store locator- I’m still seeing people online trying to figure out where to play so I imagine that’ll help a LOT. I’ll definitely be pointing more people that way.

    Keep up the good work guys! 🙂


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