2015 Dragon Ball Z Organized Play Overview – Local/Regional/Championship Events.

Panini America is excited to announce the first year of advanced Organized Play (OP) for the Dragon Ball Z TCG! Starting in June, Regional Tournaments will begin at select stores across the United States. The first Regional Season will run until October, culminating in an invite-only Championship Tournament. On top of that, your local stores will have new opportunities for weekly/monthly events, with increasingly exciting prize support!

Here is a quick overview of what players and stores can expect:


Local Tournament Kits

Tournament kits have been available since the launch of the Premiere Set. They contain promo cards to be used as prizes for participation, and they rotate every six weeks (on average). Special kits for launch events contain additional prizes, such as play mats. If your store is new to hosting DBZ TCG events, contact dbz@paniniamerica.net to sign up!


Regional Tournaments

There will be twelve Regional level events this season. In addition to considerable cash prizes, the top two performers at each event will receive an invitation to the Championship.

If your store would like to be considered for a Regional Tournament, the store owner/manager must email op@paniniamerica.net with “Regional Application Request” in the subject and the location must meet the following criteria:

– Adequate seating for 64+ players
– Clean and inviting retail environment
– Has an established DBZ TCG community
– Is signed up for monthly OP kits
– Promotes community building and growth
– Has experience with large TCG/CCG events
– Submitted an application with required pictures on/prior to May 15th 2015
– Is a verified Brick & Mortar retail store

No applications will be accepted after May 15th, and only twelve stores in the United States will be selected. Submitted applications must be completely filled out, including all requested pictures.


Dragon Ball Z TCG Championship

The first Dragon Ball Z TCG Championship Tournament will be a 32 player invite-only event. You’ll be able to qualify for entrance by competing in various levels of OP events throughout the season, and it will take place in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in late 2015. The prizes include more cash, promotional cards, and other swag!


Gen Con Indy 2015

Panini will be hosting a qualifier tournament at Gen Con Indy 2015. The event takes place on Saturday, with the top 16 playing out on Sunday. Attendance is currently capped at 64 players. Finalists will receive an invite to the Championship, and the winner will have the opportunity to create a DBZ TCG card for a future release.

An official Tournament Guide will be posted before the first Regional of the season, and a detailed breakdown of the prize payouts is imminent. So, there you have it! Organized Play has been highly anticipated, but we hope it will be worth the wait. Hone your skills at local events, earn invites at Regionals, and show your final form at the Championship! The OP circuit will soon be in full effect – let’s make the first season an exciting one!

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  1. Will panini and their distributors follow through? I’ve been getting the same promos for months on end. <.< seems like its so backed up and behind that looking forward is almost gonna be more of a hastle. Dont get me wrong, im excited! Like most players, i want… I NEED to be number 1. But to overlook the increasing issue of current prize support and the lack thereof would kinda defeat the purpose. Right?


  2. If you make top cut at a regional does that guarantee you a place at worlds? Or do you need to place 1st at a regional to get a spot at worlds? Or do you need to earn a ranking by playing in enough OP events and winning?


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