Card of the Week – Foil Pattern and Final Previews!

72 hours remain. In just three short days, The Movie Collection will be finally in your hands! This final preview will reveal the set’s Ultra Rare cards, “I’ll Dig Your Grave!” and “True Power.”

Tomorrow, you’ll be able to see a full list of stores that are running At-Launch events. The full checklist of The Movie Collection will be posted on Friday, and it will include images for all remaining cards.

True Power may look familiar to fans of the old game, but without alignment. Control decks are likely to be drawn to its sheer efficiency, and aggressive decks can benefit from the faster clock. Having this attack stopped is extremely costly, though some decks may be able to perform combos with a cleared out discard pile.

I’ll Dig Your Grave is an attractive choice in physical beatdown decks. In any situation, 6 stages and negating Endurance is a welcome addition to many aggro decks. It adds additional utility with its HIT effect, which has numerous applications. Of course, that comes at the cost of giving your opponent ten new stages!

After the excitement of this weekend’s release events, it’s time to gear up for Regionals! The first tournament of the Organized Play season kicks off in July, and Gen Con’s Qualifier is the following weekend. Panini America will also have a booth at Comic Con International in San Diego, where you’ll be able to obtain a special promo card. . .


Until next time, we’ll leave you with some more foils from The Movie Collection!:


10 thoughts on “Card of the Week – Foil Pattern and Final Previews!

  1. i have to say that the foil pattern is perfect. it’s noticeable like the foil pattern of set 2 and but not such an eye sore like in set 1. so the best of both. looks like they took our advise.

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    • I completely agree! They aren’t annoying like the first set; too difficult to see if the card was foil. This was something set 2 went overboard with. Set 2 had too much shiny to where the cards look like shiny stickers lol. For set 3, the shiny level is just right. Not too shiny to where they look corny and like stickers but obvious enough to see the card is foil from afar.


  2. Foils are soooo good! Please never do silver board foils gain. I see that Gold Frieza you got there. Hoping for a real good Lv1 for him. I really hope he’s made more available that SDCC or else he will be easily over $100.


  3. I really like how these foils look!
    They will be absolutely perfect if they don’t bend so horribly like the rest of them do.


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