Tournament Document Update

The Tournament Documents section has been updated with V1.1 of the Tournament Guide and V3.0 of the CRD.

  • The Tournament Guide contains a slight update to rules regarding shuffling/cutting.
  • The CRD has been updated with cards from The Movie Collection. Please note that the CRD no longer refers to “defensive actions,” and this clarification means that blocking is not considered an action. This mainly impacts Guldo – Ginyu Force. For example, Guldo’s Power is able to be used when Orange Driving Drill is in play. Similarly, Captain Ginyu’s abilities that allow Allies to make actions regardless of your MP’s Power Stage would not allow Guldo’s Power to be used.

4 thoughts on “Tournament Document Update

  1. After playing the DBZ TCG Panini Reboot for the past several months, I am pleased that this “universe” has gained “mainstream” popularity. My brother and I played the original/retro edition all those years ago and it was depressing that it did not catch on. So now, to have the opportunity to play this again is awesome. However, I understand with the new MP’s, editions, play styles, etc demands consistent rule updates and adjustments. Here is where I have a problem. If it wasn’t for my brother knowing a guy, that knows a guy, I would have no idea that there was a CRD. I thought that my brother was messing with me when he was telling me all of the changes to timing, MP abilities, and the like. I am gearing up to play in regionals and I would have been very upset as an enthusiastic player to have to learn new rules in a competitive environment. I am sure there are good players getting ready for regionals that may still be playing their cards without any of the CRD’s changes. Think about the potential of this tarnishing Panini DBZ TCG’s image when these players are told they are playing cards incorrectly. I would take offense and believe that I was getting “screwed” in a competitive environment. This could be a “black eye” to a fantastic game. Here are some suggestions to help advertise the CRD and the fluidity of the rules:

    Create an app that showcases the CRD
    Put information in the starter boxes or booster boxes that can be given to customers, i.e. that there is even a CRD that should be referenced
    Include hard copies of CRDs with starter boxes/booster boxes
    Have costumers “register” an email address, so that you could email them directly informing them of rule changes
    Tell customers that you have a website, Facebook, twitter, etc pages (Give them the urls with the cards)

    I hope my insights will continue to make this game successful for years to come. I never thought that I would see DBZ cards on selves again. Thank you for finding all 7 dragon balls to make this wish come true!!!!


  2. I don’t know how many times Guldo was the reason I lost to a Ginyu player. Lol Good news! Thank you for the fast update of the CRD and all the work you guys put in.


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