Regional Info and Tournament Document Update!

The talking ends here! The inaugural season of Organized Play kicks off next weekend, and you’ll be able to find registration information below.

The first Regional takes place on Saturday, July 25th and is hosted by Wild Things Games in Salem, Oregon. You can find information about pre-registration here.

On Saturday, August 8th, the next Regional takes place at The End Games in Charlottesville, VA. You can also pre-register here.

Don’t miss your chance to shape the new metagame and earn an invitation to Worlds! For a full list of participation promos and other prizes, visit here. For a full list of Organized Play dates and locations, you can also refer to the new Upcoming Events sidebar.

Finally, please note that the Tournament Documents section has been updated with a Deck Registration Form. You’ll be able to save time at Regionals by typing your deck list in advance, as it is a fillable PDF.

4 thoughts on “Regional Info and Tournament Document Update!

  1. I’m driving from Jersey for the VA regional and just wondering what time they start the tournament.


    • Based off the calendar on their site, it looks to start at 10 a.m (although getting there at least 30-45 minutes earlier would be advisable):

      Dragon Ball Z Regional
      WhenSat, August 8, 10:00am – 10:30pm
      WhereThe End Games, 143 Zan Road, Charlottesville, VA 22901, United States (map)
      Description$20 entry

      Main Event – Constructed. Rounds based on attendance

      Each participant gets 1 of each promo: Wall Breaker, Orange Possession Drill and Saiyan Outrage.

      Top cuts receive playsets of: Withering Fire and Black Enraged Assault

      Side Events – Constructed “Win-A-Box” and others to be announced.


  2. Will there be any “give away” or “earn” promos at the regionals not listed? I ask because I’m attending the Arizona event, but am disappointed that the qualifier promos (Black Power Up, etc) will not be given out there. Will there be any chance to “earn” those promos (or others) at regional events? Thanks.


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