New York Regional Live Updates (ENDED – 10:45 PM)

Hi folks! Check back throughout the day for coverage from the New York Regional at Brother’s Grim Games & Collectibles!

Round one is nearly complete, with a grand total of 165 players on the day. Approximate meta breakdown:

  • Orange – 20
  • Red – 23
  • Black – 55
  • Blue – 45
  • Namekian – 17
  • Saiyan – 5


Round 3 is underway, and some fringe builds have jumped out to an early 2-0 start. We’ll have to keep an eye on them as the day progresses!


Round 4 is about to begin, and we have an undefeated Saiyan Vegeta up on stream! Check it out here:


Round 5 stream update: Take a look at a rather unique Blue Nail build on the stream! Three rounds remain, and several rogue builds are still in contention.

Round 6 stream update: Undefeated Blue Frieza takes on Black Krillin in some Table 1 action, watch live now!

Round 7 stream update: Red Garlic Jr. takes on Black Ginyu in a battle to stay in the hunt for T16!

Top 8 is underway. Round of 16:

Joey Walter (Black Krillin) defeated by Stephen Wallace (Black Krillin)

Kevin Tetreault (Orange Krillin) defeats Mike Gaumont (Orange Ginyu)

Kurt Spiess (Namekian Piccolo) defeats Jermol Jupiter (Blue Nail)

Wayne Bettis (Black Krillin) defeated by Michael McCutcheon (Orange Krillin)

Steven Burbine (Blue Frieza) defeated by Josh Merckle (Orange Goku)

Andre Nix (Orange Krillin) defeats David Pena (Blue Ginyu)

Kelly Dennis (Black Raditz) defeated by Ryan Krueger (Namekian Piccolo)


Stephen W. (Black Krillin) defeats Kevin T. (Orange Krillin)

Josh M. (Orange Goku) defeated by Kurt S. (Namekian Piccolo)

Thomas C. (Black Krillin) defeated by Andre N. (Orange Krillin)

Michael M. (Orange Krillin) defeated by Ryan K. (Namekian Piccolo)


Stephen W. (Black Krillin) defeats. Kurt S. (Namekian Piccolo)

Ryan K. (Namekian Piccolo) defeats Andre N. (Orange Krillin)

Finals: Stephen W (Black Krillin) vs Ryan K (Namekian Piccolo)

Champion: Namekian takes down its first regional win of the season, piloted to perfection by Ryan Krueger!

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