North Dakota Regional – Live Updates (Finals Update)

Welcome to the live report thread for the North Dakota Regional at Paradox Comics-N-Cards!  105 players have arrived and round one began at 10:30 a.m.

For those of you following at home, check out Paradox’s Twitch channel for match streaming throughout the day.

Here is the Style breakdown for all 105 decks:

Black – 36

Blue – 15

Namekian – 16

Orange – 21

Red – 12

Saiyan – 5


Round 3 Updates

13 players remain undefeated through three rounds with various amounts of the following included: Black Krillin, Blue Ginyu, Orange Ginyu, Namekian Piccolo, Red Garlic, Black Raditz, Orange Nail and Saiyan Turles!


Round 5 Updates

4 players are undefeated through five rounds – Tim Batow, Elmer Walter, David Meckler and Andrew Halvorson.  Of the 20 players that are one-loss and better, here are the deck types:

Black Krillin x5

Red Garlic x3

Namekian Piccolo x2

Blue Ginyu x2

Orange Ginyu x2

Black Ginyu x2

Black Nappa

Blue Turles

Black Raditz

Orange Nail


Top 16 Deck Types and Players

The Top 16 consists of the following players:

Tim Batow

Bradul Ortiz

Elmer Walter

Geoff Pederson

John Markeson

Andrew Halvorson

Dillan Straabe

Andrew Danzl

David Meckler

Dalton Schlosser

Mitchell Janowiec

David Simon

Jay Linder

Tyler Gangl

Tony Esquivel

Joseph Walter


The deck breakdown is:

Black Krillin x5

Black Raditz

Black Ginyu

Black Nappa

Blue Ginyu x2

Namekian Piccolo x2

Orange Ginyu x2

Red Garlic x2


Top 8 Update – Match-ups and Decks

Joseph Walter (Black Krillin) vs David Meckler (Orange Ginyu)

Geoff Pederson (Black Krillin) vs David Simon (Black Krillin)

Tony Esquivel (Black Krillin) vs Dalton Schlosser (Black Nappa)

Elmer Walter (Blue Ginyu) vs Andrew Halvorson (Orange Ginyu)


Top 4 Update – Matchups and Decks

Joseph Walter (Black Krillin) vs David Simon (Black Krillin)

Elmer Walter (Blue Ginyu) vs Tony Esquivel (Black Krillin)


Finals Update

Joseph Walter (Black Krillin) finally earns his invite and beats Tony Esquivel (Black Krillin) with a 2-0 in the Finals!  Congratulations to both players for qualifying and thanks to everyone for playing!

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  1. So, can we get official confirmation that print run 3 boxes of set 1 are 1:48 UR ratio? (rumor is that it was announced at Fargo)


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