Dragon Ball Z: Evolution Preview Poll!

Greetings, friends! Dragon Ball Z: Evolution drops on October 30th, and it’s time to look ahead to the future.

In the coming weeks, you can expect previews from the next expansion set – Dragon Ball Z: Evolution. For this spoiler season, we’ll be kicking things off with a poll. It will be up to the fans to decide: which Style will be shown off first?!

When previews begin rolling out, the blog will feature regular Card of the Week updates. Each post will contain a new Mastery, along with the MP that comes with that Mastery in the Starter Decks – as well as that character’s Named cards! You’ll also be able to see previews on various fan sites, which will be linked for your convenience.

The next set is guaranteed to make a massive impact on the metagame. Eight new MPs are being introduced – the same as the last two sets combined. New Mastery cards, which lead to untold combinations of powerful new decks! Did I mention the new Ultra Rares? [REDACTED] Drill is truly amazing, especially with Android # [REDACTED]. I guess that’s getting a bit ahead of ourselves…

Please vote below to decide which Mastery will be previewed first. If you have a certain MP you’d like to see previewed, perhaps you can make an educated guess about which MP will go with each Mastery. Here’s some haiku hints:

An Azure Saiyan

The Prince, destroyer of worlds

A Crimson Cyborg

Let’s look forward to the results!


Hold tight! Previews are coming soon…

18 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z: Evolution Preview Poll!

  1. I think Gohan = Namekian. (azure?) Vegeta = Saiyan 19 = Orange which leaves 20 with Black Style, 18 with Blue and 17 with Red.


  2. If there is a new Trunks or Cell I definitly want one of those previewed.
    I’m most excited for a new Red Mastery.
    A close second is Saiyan Mastery.


  3. So with the set release 5-6 weeks away, and six masteries to be revealed. Can we expect our first preview as early as next week?


  4. i just really hope that saiyan will be taking a stronger place in the meta. honestly the previous saiyan mastery is really fun but it just can’t be competitive enough in the current meta.


  5. I believe there have already been comments of a new Piccolo being paired with the new Namekian Mastery, with Teen Gohan and Cell to come out in a future release. Either way, I’d most like to see the new Saiyan Mastery with Super Saiyan Vegeta, and then the new Red with an Android after that.


  6. Its been stated that the mps are hero vegeta, trunks, piccolo, a mystery hero and androids 17-20. Gohan and cell arent going to be until set 5. I assume since goku isnt active in the android saga hes not going to be til set 5 also. Trunks and piccolo take saiyan and namekian. Vegeta will be blue because he refers to himself as the prince and azure would be blue. The crimson cyborg who is the destroyer of worlds would be red 20. Hes a brain in a robo body. But also he was the cause of the android menace and is very angry with goku. And is part of the red ribbon army which is a destroyer of cultures. And they wouldnt have singled out just one of the twins like that. They dont have enough variety between them to have one of them be the single destroyer or worlds. Id like to think that orange and black are the twins and 19 will be a booster mp with mystery hero. Hopefully mystery hero is yamcha.


  7. My guess would be: Black=Vegeta (prince & ‘destruction style’), Namekian Gohan (azure saiyan), Saiyan=Goku, Red=17 (just feels right), Orange=19 (or I hope), then Blue=19. So I guess that’d leave 20 and…Yamcha as the booster MPs.

    Question though: will URs go back to 4 per box, or remain 6 per as in the last 2 sets?


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