Florida Regional Reminder and New Mastery Hints

Hi folks! With full MP/Mastery posts on the horizon, all eyes are on Dragon Ball Z: Evolution. In the meantime, the Regional Season carries on next weekend in Florida (pre-register here). 100+ players have already registered, don’t miss out!

When Card of the Week previews begin, you’ll notice numerous callbacks to the Dragon Ball Z CCG. Fan favorite cards from the Androids Saga and Super Android 13 subset have been reimagined for the new game, and I hope everyone enjoys using them!

Yamcha represents the end of waiting for spoilers, while Android 20 signifies the duality of man. (This is canon.)

Aside from the Android theme, the impact of each new Mastery is staggering.

  • Black Perceptive Mastery involves a gambling mechanic of sorts, and adds a HIT effect to your Styled attacks.
  • Blue Tag Team Mastery has one of the most unique effects in the game, and it adds new life to some underused/older cards. Perhaps you can guess its theme based on the title!
  • Namekian Restored Mastery has two different ways to add cards to your hand.
  • Orange Adept Mastery can search out several drills in a single turn, and has an aggressive slant.
  • Red Ruthless Mastery has a very appropriate name. Also…anti-anger?!
  • Saiyan Rampaging Mastery increases attack density, and it has the ability to level up at unprecedented speeds. Oh, and a new card pool filled with jaw dropping effects. . . .

Deciding which Mastery to use within a given Style adds a whole new layer of complexity to deck building. Many past characters are revitalized in combination with a new Mastery, and of course some of the newer characters interact favorably with the original Mastery cards. Truly, it will be a wide open field of possibilities!

Keep your eyes on the blog for a full breakdown of each MP/Mastery as we lead up to the October 30th launch!

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  1. The mastery hints seem pretty interesting. I hope the “reimaginings” doesn’t mean that the designers were lazy and just grabbed a ton of cards from the old game though. If I wanted to play the old game, I would


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