Vengeance Previews: Heroic Riposte

Let’s close out the week with a look at Vengeance’s Hero MPs and Dragon Rare!

Instant Transmission was created by 2015 World Champion Tim Batow, who provided some of his thoughts behind the card:

  • Goku’s Instant Transmission is my favorite technique from Dragon Ball.
  • Acquisition Drill seemed innocuous when I first read it, but it ended up being one of the lynchpin effects in the Android 20 Orange [Worlds deck]. Taking control of your opponent’s cards is very powerful.
  • Aside from Namek Dragon Ball 4, there are few non-Styled ways to interact with Setups. I wanted an additional effect to hamper the effectiveness of Visiting the Past, Black Power Up, and Villainous Visage; make it so people can’t be as greedy with VTP and sit on it too long – they need to be fearful it may be stolen.
  • Something like the “Startled” effect from the DBZ CCG is okay, but it was just too narrow and didn’t provide enough card advantage. I also always liked Gohan’s Nimbus Clouds MP restriction of “unless your mp is Gohan, limit 1 per deck.”


Master Roshi – Restrained provides an interesting alternative to his current Level 1. Once Turtle hits the field, Roshi’s Power will effectively allow you to draw a card each combat. Blue Tag Team Mastery ensures that this combo will be online in the early-game, and also serves as an insurance policy for a banished Turtle. Roshi’s constant effect has further synergy with Turtle, while also adding deck destruction to cards like Devastating Blow, Pulverize, and Black Flying Kick.

Krillin’s new Level 2 brings a universal +2 modifier, at the cost of extra stage drain. For an Ally based deck, you’ll be able to quickly reach 0 and unleash extra actions. In a more tempo-oriented deck, the extra stage cost is mitigated by changing levels – and the modifier’s versatility allows for multiple angles of pressure. Finally, the attack itself is a stage damage poke (though it cannot be modified).

Trunks – Protective has it all. In a Sword build, each Sword card is rewarded with “Rejuvenate 1” (including cards played outside of combat). His ability to search for a non-Styled Drill grants consistent access to Aggressive Sword Drill – which he will keep when leveling up! This affinity for Drills also has a wide range of applications in other archetypes, as his search ability provides a Heroic contrast to Android 20.

In pure Ally decks, Gohan Level 1 can act as both a search engine and offense enabler. In decks without Ally support, Gohan is still able to utilize this Power by searching out Piccolo or Chi-Chi. Both versions will have quick access to Gohan’s Level 2 modifier, and combo oriented builds (such as Saiyan Empowered Gohan) will reach Level 4 faster than ever.

The constant ability of Icarus is a welcome effect for any Hero Ally deck, but Gohan maximizes its value. Gohan is able to activate Icarus’ attack at any power stage, and its potential to Rejuvenate is especially useful in Namekian and Saiyan.

Check back on Tuesday for a look at more Freestyle previews, including the Ultra Rare card “Unleashed.” You can also find previews on the following podcasts and fansites:

3 thoughts on “Vengeance Previews: Heroic Riposte

  1. I don’t care for the Icarus ally because the clear implications it has when used in combination with level 2 Goku from Evolution. At first, I hadn’t considered discarding vs. destroying allies, but still, it’d keep all Goku’s allies in play barring a critical damage effect (which may or may not be that viable based on the deck type) or shuffling (which isn’t exactly a common effect).

    I’m kind of ‘eh’ on the Krillin. I’ve never really cared for trading stage for stage with your opponent.

    I think that Gohan fits well. It’s a decent upgrade, at least in the right deck, and it doesn’t turn him into the anger character I feared it would.

    I think Roshi is the most interesting, really. I’m curious to see if he turns out as good as I think he might be. I might actually make a Roshi deck now.


  2. In blue there is a drill that says if an ally enters play and they are the only one, draw a card. Turtle plus roshi and gohan are going to be formidable with that drill.

    To be honest however this new level 1 for gohan makes him more of a wild card than he was before, his levels on his current stack are inconsistent and this movie mp while it improves it really doesn’t seem to give gohan any basic premise for play.

    I was hoping gohan to be a character who sacrificed some to get ahead but obviously the old level 1 really did a poor job on it. The timing was awful and he couldn’t really do damage unless the base damage on attacks were high because his power level was also low. To follow up it was still 1 for 1. I’d really like to see the same risk but perhaps a better ratio? [1 for 2] or something to contribute to a more anger control based deck like Gohan ally suggests he should be.

    This really doesn’t make gohan seem anymore powerful just a tiny bit more viable and less horrible. It was practically a punishment to use Gohan’s abilities before. They fixed this by giving him a bit of ally control a bit more PUR and powerlevel but they really backhand Gohan again with the manditory level up at 3 allies.


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