Tuesday Tidbits: Michigan Recap!

Check below for a full breakdown of Michigian, as well as Awakening preview dates!

1. Michigan Recap

The Michigan Regional took place last weekend at Eternal Games in Warren, MI – marking the halfway point of this season! 98 players were in attendance, with Red comprising nearly a third of the field. Leading up to this event, the metagame saw Cooler jockey for top position amongst the well-proven Villain triumvirate from Vengeance. While Broly and Cooler showed up in full force, Android 13 was entirely absent from the Top Cut. The elimination rounds also contained multiple Yamcha and Gohan builds, both capable of thriving in an aggro environment.

After a T4 featuring Namekian Restored Gohan, the finals came down to Orange Adaptive Yamcha (Brandon Suchan) against Red Ruthless Broly (Eric Jennings). In the end, Eric was able to secure the victory – giving Broly another Regional win (and the first time paired with Red)! Congratulations to Eric and Brandon for their qualification into Worlds, and a special shoutout to the prize support from Eternal Games!


A custom deck box/trophy for 1st place 

The T4 lists:

The Super Elite rankings have been updated, with Ryan Lambdin moving into the exclusive 4-point tier.

2. SoCal Regional

The next Regional takes place this weekend in San Gabriel, California – information here. Pre-registration is currently available in-person only, but note that this is a large venue with no cap on this event’s attendance!

Other upcoming Regionals:

3. Friday Preview schedule 

  • Friday, September 9th – Goku MP, Blue Mastery, Vegeta MP, Orange Mastery, Assisted Kamehameha
  • Friday, September 16th – Hercule MP and Named cards, Jimmy Firecracker, Black Mastery
  • Friday, September 23rd – Gohan MP, Gohan’s Backlash, Saiyan Mastery
  • Friday, September 30th – Trunks MP, Trunks’ Knee Bash, Red Mastery
  • Friday, October 7th – Cell MP, Cell’s Provocation, Namekian Mastery
  • Friday, October 14th – Cell Jr. MP and Named cards
  • Friday, October 21 – Mercenary Tao MP and Named cards
  • You’ll also find Ultra Rares, Dragon Balls, Dragon Rares, Named cards, and other previews sprinkled throughout Tuesday updates – as well as additional spoilers on fansites and podcasts!



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