California Recap and Awakening Previews!

Southern California hosted the area’s first Regional on Saturday – see the full breakdown below!

The Southern California Regional took place last weekend, with 108 players making it out to MTGDeals in San Gabriel, California. The event was abuzz with speculation about Awakening, but players were also focused on the task at hand. Leading up to the event, Broly and Cooler were expected in large doses – along with a healthy serving of Android 13. While these Vengeance MPs showed up in full force, the breakout deck of the tournament was Blue Tag Team Ginyu.


Blue Ginyu placed multiple players into the Top Cut, and several builds were seen clashing on the top tables throughout the day. Namekian Restored Gohan also made an impression, while Orange Adaptive 20 returned from dormancy with a T4 finish. After securing their invites, the finals came down to a jovial match between Jason Browe (Black Devious Broly) and Kelly Cartwright (Blue Tag Team Ginyu). Though it was fitting for Blue Tag Ginyu to be represented in the finals, it was Black Broly taking down the win – partially due to a timely Black Chin Kick!

Top 4:

Congratulations to Jason and Kelly – the latest to be added to the 2016 Qualified Player page. The Super Elite rankings have also seen an update, with the addition of Turles to the Bonus MP list.

The New Hampshire Regional is up next on the Organized Play schedule, and you can pre-register here. Note: though this event is at a the GraniteCon convention, you will not need a badge to play in the tournament! Daemon Clark (the voice of Cell and others) will be present for autographs!

Following up on Friday’s look at Goku and Vegeta, today’s preview includes both of their Named cards from Awakening!

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

The ability to search for a Dragon Ball, Ally, or Drill has a broad range of applications with any combination of Goku MP Levels across multiple Styles. Aside from the dazzling utility, Goku’s Search also provides value in the form of stage gain and targeted Rejuvenation. Overall, this rock solid effect is able to find a home in most builds with Goku!

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black


Vegeta’s Final Flash is one of the most disruptive attacks in the game, while simultaneously advancing an offensive gameplan. First and foremost, it forces each action in combat to be an attack or nothing. This shuts down the likes of Black Power Up, Stare Down, Blue Resolute Mastery, and countless other powerhouse effects. The immediate effect also nets 2 anger , and the Energy Combat blocking condition makes it more likely to land its HIT effect – which itself can filter through Vegeta’s parenthetical effects or grant access to additional actions while nuking a card from the opponent’s hand.

Starting this week, you can find more spoilers on the following fansites and podcasts:

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