Awakening Previews: Spirit vs. Spirit

See Gohan and the new Saiyan Mastery below!

The Colorado Regional takes place this weekend – see here for more details (including hotel availability)! Regional participants must be fully familiar with the Tournament Guide and CRD, both available here. You can also save time by filling out a Deck Registration Form in advance.

Upcoming Regionals:

  • 10/1 – Carrollton, Georgia: Pre-register (including meal choice) here
  • 10/8 – Las Vegas, Nevada: Pre-register here
  • 10/15 – Vacaville, CA: Pre-register here

Saiyan Dynamic Mastery grants you the option of beginning the game on Level 2, without giving up the ability to win by MPPV. Though you need 6 anger to advance a personality level, the Mastery grants +1 anger to each Styled attack without “anger” in the text-box. Aside from winning the game by netting +17 anger, this Mastery also enables control builds (Trunks – Frenzied), Aggro (Vegeta – Imposing), and anything in-between (Cell – Semi-Perfect).

Decks running this Mastery will almost always want to start on Level 2, but the option to utilize a more matchup-dependent Level 1 adds an extra degree of utility.

On each Level, all attacks you perform are considered Styled (note that this does not interact with attack cards while they are in a zone like your Life Deck or discard pile). This allows Gohan to create some unique interactions – as well as avoid certain forms of hate. When paired with Saiyan Dynamic Mastery, Gohan is able to gain anger from non-Styled attacks like Overpowering Attack and Sinister Choke.

In addition, this Level has a Constant ability that raises anger whenever one of your Allies is banished. As Ally decks are more likely to favor Gohan – To the Rescue Level 1, Gohan – Adept’s main strength comes from the AT +2 life card attack. Aside from dealing sizable damage, the immediate effect grants the option of banishing any Ally on the field.

In addition to painting attacks as Styled, Gohan – Unlocked packs another unique Constant ability. Whenever you would advance a Level, you may instead choose to drop Gohan back to Level 1. This has synergy with his Level 1 MPs from Vengeance and Awakening, while also ensuring access to his Level 2 power when facing effects that force you to advance levels.

Similar to Cell, Gohan Level 2 has the ability to trade a card from his hand for an attack or block in your Life Deck. Unlike Cell, Gohan’s Power is an action (and does not require banishing) – allowing you to utilize it when reached mid-combat. 

The flexibility of Gohan – Unlocked makes this Level the sweet spot for nearly all Gohan builds, serving as the nexus of several different strategies.

Much like Blue Dominance, Gohan’s Backlash enables a consistent engine to access your Level 2. The immediate effect of banishing an Ally can augment Gohan’s superiority in Ally mirror matches, and the HIT effect allows for momentary access to his Level 3 and 4 Powers. When mixing MP Levels from different Gohan stacks, this effect can lead to powerful combos.

On Level 3, Gohan has access to another action – representing 6 stages of physical damage. The attack allows you to straight up banish nearly any Planning Step card, while everything you throw will be Styled and deal +2 stages of damage.

 When you need removal in a pinch, popping up here with Gohan’s Backlash allows for extra removal options.

Gohan – Undeniable is very difficult to block, ignoring things like Time is a Warrior’s Tool, Orange Steady Drill, and Chichi – Armed and Dangerous. The activated Power guarantees that you can fire off any attack in your hand, and all damage from it will hit cleanly.

Check back on Tuesday for a recap of Colorado, as well as more previews from Awakening! Until then, additional spoilers can be found on these fansites and podcasts:

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  2. Honestly, I don’t really care for the mastery. It doesn’t bother me so much that it does anger again, but it’s another mastery that does something similar to ‘your attack gain “raise your anger”‘. I’d prefer if the anger mechanic was different, maybe like:

    -Whenever you stop an attack, raise your anger 1 level
    -Whenever you take a particular amount of damage, raise your anger 1 level
    -When entering combat, you may draw a card. If it was styled, you may reveal it to raise your anger 2 levels.

    Like the two namekian masteries so far both do anger, but the mechanic and powers are different enough they feel distinct.


  3. Just being “nit picky”, but Gohan doesn’t go Super Saiyan 2 with his weighted cape on. If the artwork is going to be custom (like it seems to be on all the new MPs) it should still stick to the lore.


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