NorCal Recap and Awakening Starter Details!

A recap from NorCal and Awakening Starter info – click here for more info!

The penultimate Regional of Season 2 took place last Saturday at Forgotten Path Games in Vacaville, CA. Ninety-one players were in attendance, and the deck diversity on display was a great sendoff to one of the final Vengeance-era events!


Though Black Cooler had the highest overall representation, only two builds managed to make their way into the Top Cut! Meanwhile, Logan Cordell sliced through the tournament with a non-stop barrage of attacks from Saiyan Empowered Broly – ultimately cutting down Rick Ketchum and his Red Enraged Roshi build in the finals!

The Top 4 Decks:

Congratulations to Logan and Rick, both added to the 2016 Worlds Qualified Player list! The Super Elite rankings have also been updated, and only a handful of events remain this season:

  • The final Regional takes place this weekend at Collector’s Cache in Lenexa, KS. Pre-register here.
  • The first OP event where Awakening will be eligible takes place on November 5th at Dragon Prix: New Orleans. Four invites will be up for grabs – make sure to pre-register here!
  • Finally, the 2016 DBZ TCG World Championship takes place November 11th-13th in Dallas, TX. Friday features a last chance to earn an invite, and you can see the full schedule of events here!

Awakening Starter Deck Details

The Awakening Starter Decks feature a wide array of useful reprints – intended to both provide an interesting Sealed environment as well as help new players jump into the game! All decks will contain a copy of either Stare Down or Confrontation, and each Style has its own unique quirks:

  • The Namekian Starter Deck will include an Earth Dragon Ball and Cell Jr. Ally. Finding two more of the uncommon Earth DBs in booster packs is sure to make this deck pack a punch in the Sealed format! It also includes an updated MRP of Namekian Flinch:

  • The Black Starter Deck does not include Hercule’s Dynamite Kick, though it still gains an abundant amount of stages! Aside from popular physical reprints like Black Defensive Burst and and Black Lunge, it also ushers in a new MRP for Black Command (now only able to be used a handful of times per game!)

In the Orange Starter Deck, you’ll find a reprint of Vegeta’s Galick Gun.

  • The Blue Starter Deck includes Blue Guard with its MRP text.

Check back on Friday for the final MP reveal from Awakening – Mercenary Tao! Dragon Ball Z: Awakening releases October 28th, and you can find information about Lauch Events here.

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