Tuesday Tidbits: Worlds Week!

Final info about Worlds and the Last Chance Qualifier, plus a recap of Dragon Prix: New Orleans – see it all below!

All the World’s a Stage…

 The 2016 Organized Play season all comes down to this! Three days, four tournaments, sixty Worlds Participants – and one World Champion! You can find a full schedule of events here (and click here for venue details).

On Thursday, Miniature Exchange (minutes from the airport) will be hosting a warm-up tournament at 7 PM. This is a great opportunity to hone your decks for Worlds, and you can find more information here.

On a final note, all participants in Friday’s Last Chance Qualifier must have a Deck Registration Form filled out in advance – download here.

Dragon Prix Recap 

The first ever Dragon Prix took place last weekend in New Orleans (hosted by Sword N’ Board), with 87 players in attendance! As the first event to incorporate both the Frozen List and Awakening, participants faced a mostly unknown environment.

While the outcome of Worlds will cement the first-wave of the Awakening metagame, the results from New Orleans have made one thing resoundingly clear – there’s a new regime in town, and it’s led by Goku. Red Ruthless Goku, Saiyan Dynamic Goku, Orange Retribution Goku, and Red Ascension Goku were all present in Top Cut – with Orange Retribution Roshi rounding out the ranks. As we approach this weekend, which decks will we see rise to the level of rainbow Goku and Orange Roshi?

The Top 4:

Note: The fourth invite was grandfathered from Sundeep Kutumbaka to Lynden Obarr. Only four spots remain on the 2016 Qualified Player List!



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