Tuesday Tidbits: Holiday Hangout

Today’s post includes a look at Black Gohan and anti-anger effects: click below for more info!

1. Deck on the Grow: Black Gohan

As a late entrant in the 2016 meta, Black Gohan has recently received a noticeable amount of community buzz – and what’s not to like? Gohan fills in many of the gaps in the Black style, such as Ally removal (via MP Powers and Gohan’s Backlash), board removal in general (MP Powers + Black Perceptive Mastery), and access to consistent Critical Damage effects (Black Conflict + Assisted Kamehameha).

Gohan goes on to address Black’s lack of “auto-level” effects with his Level 1 from Vengeance, with the likes of Chi-Chi, Piccolo, and Ox King providing valuable early roadblocks. 

The general utility of Gohan – Unlocked (often in combination with Baba) has enabled several competitive decks, but his effect is especially useful in the seldom-searching Black Style. Reliably finding cards like Black Defensive Burst adds an entirely new dimension to Black Control, while Gohan’s discard effect also triggers effects such as Black Corruption.

A powerful control skeleton in the current environment!

2. Calmative Callbacks

Six cards that are worthy of consideration in an increasingly MPPV-oriented environment:

  • Namekian Downward Blast: While less damaging than the standby Namekian Maximum Will, it offers the upside of being used multiple times in a single match
  • Black Strength Display: Though it already has seen some use for its parenthetical text, the recursive -2 anger effect can offer a potent anti-MPPV engine when combined with Tug of War.
  • Saiyan Assistance: An anger lowering card that pulls double duty against auto-levelers like Unleashed and Blue Dominance – at its best in control, though it can be pitched to Rampaging.
  • Red Fantasy: Red provides few anti-MPPV tactics outside of Ruthless Mastery, but this Event has undeniable merit when paired with certain MPs.
  • Orange Saving Kick: The immediate effect is noteworthy in Orange physical beatdown decks, while the HIT effect buys entire turns.
  • Blue Double Blast: Aside from obvious tools such as Blue Neck Beam or Blue Head Knock, this attack can pump unpreventable damage and result in even more anger lowering through a Crit.

3. Michigan 1K

On January 21st, former Regional host Eternal Games will be holding a $1000 DBZ TCG event in Warren, MI. With Dustin Morabito (DBZ CCG World Champion and streamer of the 2016 DBZ TCG World Championship), Frisco Fahs (2016 World Championship 3rd place), and Phil McGrath (2015 World Championship finalist) in attendance, this tournament is sure to be one for the ages!

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