Tuesday Tidbits: GL Launch Photos!

Happy holidays – check below for photos from Green Lantern’s launch weekend!

Green Lantern made its debut on Friday, and it is now widely available wherever games are sold!

Aside from foil promo cards, the Launch Kit for Green Lantern also included binders and other promotional materials. Launch Kits can still be requested by brick and mortar stores (pending availability) – contact OP@paniniamerica.net for more info.


Assorted premium rarity cards! Photo by Phillip M.

The community is already hard at work in the lab, with many pre-existing decks benefitting from new upgrades. Here, Ty T. shows off a highly splashable Basic Battle Card package!


Photo by Ty T. (via MetaX TCG Community)

In the near future, look for an official list of clarifications and rules FAQs. This preliminary document will provide a formal foundation for upcoming Organized Play events, so be sure to familiarize yourself with its contents. In the meantime, please submit any Green Lantern rulings questions to OP@paniniamerica.net.

Check back on Friday for more updates – and watch for an avalanche of news and announcements in 2018 regarding Attack on Titan, the first season of Organized Play, and more!

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