Four for Friday: Thanksgiving Sampler

Another giveaway, a developer poll, new teasers – and more below!

1. November Calendar

Next week, we’ll be kicking off another giveaway! Winners of our Thanksgiving contest will receive a booster box of Batman – check back on Tuesday for information about how to enter. Then, drop by next Friday (after the holiday) for an announcement of the winners!


This could be yours! 

2. Internal Lightning Poll

In the spirit of the season, here are some cards that the development team is currently thankful for:

3. Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

At first glance, the high MP cost of Victorious might lead one to believe that it belongs in Control decks. While it can act as a guaranteed VP in late game scenarios,  it has more exciting applications as a tempo swing in decks that have MP to spare (such as builds with Basic Battle Cards). If played while a developing board is still in contention, this effect robs your opponent of a Character drop while adding an extra one of your own – essentially granting you a free turn! Though recursion of Events is rare, watch for interactions between Victorious and [REDACTED] in the next set…

4. TTGO Teaser Tidings 

Teen Titans Go! will feature a large number of Characters with the “Teen Titans” Trait, similar to other set backbones like the Green Lanterns or Scout Regiment. Teen Titan decks will have numerous trees to branch off from, including:

  • a Character that can attack without playing a Battle Card
  • a costly Event that returns to your hand after use
  • a Battle Card that plays a Teen Titan directly from your hand