Tuesday Deck Tech: Arkham Inmates!

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The Arkham Inmates have access to a plethora of above average effects and unique interactions, but they also carry the burden of juggling a small hand size. Managing the entire game with only a few cards in your hand can prove tricky, though worthwhile – as seen by this MXOLT III 9th place finish from Jason H:



Battle Cards:

Talon, Meta Superiority, and a menagerie of other discard outlets all ensure a low hand size when needed, unlocking effects such as Killer Croc and the scintillating Jail Break. Burning through your hand leads to a stacked discard pile, which then feeds Mad Hatter, Poison Ivy, and Surrounded (with a dash more of recursion from cards like Bane and 2 Special). The low-Rank BC package being played by smaller Characters seems to indicate a purely aggro playstyle, but don’t underestimate this build’s defensive options and Planning Step KO abilities! Other cards to consider:

  • a third copy of Jail Break (extra Character drops are especially relevant in the current meta)
  • Scarecrow – Scarebeast (taking other tech slots certain environments)
  • 1 Special (C51-GL) (another low rank BC playable by Mad Hatter that enables an additional Character to attack with 0 cards in hand) 

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