Tuesday Tidbits: On the Road!

Panini Games heads to San Diego!


The San Diego Comic Con kicks off next week (July 18-21), and Panini Games will be on the scene! Attendees can stop by the Panini America booth (#3348) in the exhibition hall – and watch the blog for photo coverage throughout the week. For fans that are following along from home, we’ll also be hosting another live giveaway – including Starter Deck boxes of both Justice League and Attack on Titan!

On Tuesday, check the blog for contest details – then visit the Panini Games Facebook page to enter!

2. Deck Tech Reborn 

Tuesday will return to Deck Tech sessions in the near future, and the next wave of entries will highlight some of the top performing decks in the current environment (including a metagame snapshot after Gen Con). If you’d like tips for your deck (or simply want to see it featured on the blog), submit your list to OP@paniniamerica.net with “DECK TECH” in the subject line.

3. Combo of the Week

Batman – The Caped Crusader endures as one of the most flexible Characters in the game, backed by his ability to manipulate an opponent’s draw (along with a touch of mill) – or set up your own deck/discard pile in specific builds. Robin – Carrie Kelley’s ability to copy this effect (while slingshotting in more mill) allows you to string together multiple turns of control (with her added upside of also targeting powerful effects like Darkseid or Captain Levi). Unsurprisingly, these two also pair well with Dynamic Duo. . .

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