Four for Friday: Happy Holidays!

See below for our upcoming schedule.

1. Tournament Kits

Tournament Kit shipments will resume next week (contact with any questions about support for Organized Play). Stay tuned for details about the next rotation of Tournament Kits in 2020 – including new foil promo cards and more!

2. New Year

In the near future, watch for information about our calendar for next year – featuring GAMA, Comic Con, Gen Con, and more! You can also expect news about release dates for upcoming Panini Games products, as well as teasers/spoilers as we approach the next expansion for NFL Five!

3. January Giveaways

To start the year off with a bang, we’ll be running two new contests in January. Check back at the beginning of the month for your chance to win a box of MetaX, with the end of the month featuring a new NFL Five giveaway!

4. Extended Holiday Wishes

Panini Games hopes that you enjoyed your holiday season, and we continue to wish you the best for 2020!


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