Tuesday Tidbits: 2020 Launch Week!

NFL Five 2020 releases this Friday!

1. NFL Five Launch Giveaway

NFL Five 2020 releases this Friday, and our launch giveaway is still open for submissions! Find out how to enter here, then submit your reply to the Panini Games Facebook page before the August 21st cutoff.

2. MetaX Moments

Next month, watch for a new MetaX Starter Deck giveaway with a theme of “Hero Traits.” The 2.0 CRD is also coming soon – look for a full breakdown of its revisions and updates upon upload.

3. Launch Day

Check back on Friday to see the giveaway winners, along with information about upcoming opportunities to play NFL Five and interact with the community! After the set’s August 21st release, you can expect sponsored online meetups to begin soon. If you’re interested in participating in events via Zoom, then be sure to stay in the loop via the official NFL Five Discord channel.