Tuesday Tidbits: Preseason Picks!

Find the latest qualified players below.

1. NFL Five Preseason


The NFL Five Preseason is nearing its halfway point, and last weekend’s Exhibition League event added two new qualified players to the 2021 Kickoff Tournament. Congratulations to Joseph R. and Ralph R. – and note that this was Ralph’s first time playing the game!

Your next chance to win an invite comes in the form of a Designer Challenge on October 3rd (via Zoom). Stick around for the Q&A session after the match, with two more randomly selected invites to be awarded at the end of the event.

2. MetaX Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

The next MetaX giveaway will revolve around “spooky artwork,” and 6 Special (R134-BM) is sure to be a top candidate! It is not difficult to meet this card’s single Character clause (especially in control builds), and the -3 MP cost is one of the most efficient KO effects in the game. As a Rank 6 BC in the most common Stat type, this has applications in a wide variety of archetypes.

3. Coming Up

Check back on Friday for the start of our October MetaX giveaway, featuring a two-player Starter Deck set of Attack on Titan. Also keep watching for more coverage of the Preseason, including a spotlight on some of the top decks seen to date. Finally, stay tuned for information our NFL Five Halloween giveaway at the end of the month (with a theme of “scary good” cards).

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