Tuesday Tidbits: Preseason Twilight!

See the latest invitees below.

1. Preseason Updates

After last weekend’s Preseason event, there are now ten players that have qualified for the 2021 Kickoff tournament! Congratulations to Shaun H. and Bobby D. – see the sidebar for a full list of the current invitees. There are just six slots left, and you’ll have three more opportunities to win:

2. MetaX Card of the Week


Boil it, mash it, stick it in a deck! Darling of last week’s poll, this card has obvious applications to cycle itself in concert with Sasha Braus. Aside from utilizing this effect for general digging, look to pair Potato with deck manipulation effects like Batman – The Caped Crusader to stack your draw.

3. NFL Five FAQ

“Can cards/Players without specific a Timing Point be activated whenever you want?”

Yes. However, watch for cards with unconditional Timing Points to receive updated text (with clarified Timing Points) in the near future.

“Do you assign targets when playing/activating a card, or a the point of resolution? For example, when do I choose a target for “Not This Sunday?”

When an effect requires you to choose a target, you must do so upon playing/activating that card’s effect. In your example, you would play Not This Sunday in response to an opponent’s Action Card and immediately choose it as a target (before resolution).