Tuesday Tidbits: NFL Five 2020 Starter Decks!

Get the scoop on Starters below.

1. Giveaway Reminders

Our NFL Five Halloween giveaway is open for submissions until Friday – see entry details here. Visit the Panini Games Facebook page to participate, then check back on the 30th to see the results! 


2. NFL Five Starter Decks

NFL Five 2020 Starter Decks are now available exclusively at Target retail stores, and they contain 55 cards from the recently released Booster set. There are two different lineups available:


Each Starter Deck includes 20 Action cards:

Finally, each Starter Deck also contains 20 Play cards to start your first playbook (or serve as a backbone for the Draft format): C76, C77, C79, C80, C81, C83, C84, U174, U176, U179.

3. Up Next

The 2021 Preseason will be off for another bye this holiday weekend, but be prepared for the next Zoom event on November 7th! Beyond contest results on Friday, also watch for match footage from a recent exhibition match – refer to this for an example of webcam play. Next week, look for information about a new MetaX contest to start November (featuring JLA Starter Decks).