Tuesday Tidbits: Penultimate Preseason Weekend!

Two preseason events remain – plus info about a new giveaway!

1. MetaX Starter Deck Giveaway  

Our first giveaway of the month begins on Friday, with a holiday themed opportunity to win Starter Decks from JLA. Watch this space for the contest prompt on November 6th, then post your reply on the Panini Games Facebook page to participate.

2. MetaX Card of the Week


This week’s contest will revolve around card advantage, and Deathstroke – Expert Tactician demonstrates the strengths of a Character/Battle Card draw engine. Utilizing this effect with Battle Cards like 3 Intelligence (C43-JL) and 3 Special (C44-JL) offers consistent draw power, and part of its resilience (compared to an Event engine) includes the additional tempo created by Deathstroke’s board presence/MP. This has obvious uses in a Rogues Gallery build, but the effect can also be a focal point in numerous aggro-control archetypes. For a final layer of interactions, consider Battle Cards that can be found with this effect that are not usable by Deathstroke himself! 

3. NFL Five Preseason Resumes

The next NFL Five Preseason event takes place this weekend – and there’s only one left after that! Join us on Saturday, November 7th from 4-6 CST for a Designer Challenge (Zoom invite here), featuring an exhibition match and Q&A session with creator Brian Fahmie. At the end of the event, two randomly selected participants will receive an invite to the 2021 Kickoff Tournament.