Four for Friday: Gifts Abound!

AoT results, NFL Five giveaway info, and more below!

1. Attack on Titan Results 

This month’s MetaX contest asked for participants to name their favorite combination of Traits. These randomly selected winners will each receive a two-player Attack on Titan Starter Deck set:

  • Kimberland B.
  • David G.
  • Mike B.

Thanks to those that participated, and watch for a chance to win JLA Starter Decks in January!

2. NFL Five Holiday Giveaway


Check back on Tuesday for the start of our “gifts” themed NFL Five holiday giveaway, where three winners will receive a Booster Box of NFL Five 2020. Be prepared to submit your entry on the Panini Games Facebook page, then return here to see the results on December 29th. 

3. NFL Five Card of the Week


Rookie QB Justin Herbert led the Chargers to a win last night, and his RK275 card can generate equally impressive results! Look to maximize this effect by pairing Herbert with a second QB, as well as a wide range of situational Plays and Action cards. Aside from utilizing this effect to discard unneeded cards, also consider including Energize abilities to allow for the assembly of a specific combo.

4. Coming Up

After our NFL Five giveaway begins on on Tuesday, the blog will be off on Friday, December 25th. There are two more Preseason events in January, with new exclusive promo cards available to all attendees. After that, the Preseason continues with more events through March – and watch for more details about the NFL Five Regular Season in 2021!