Four for Friday: January JLAers!

Polish off the week with contest results, Preseason info, MX COTW, and more below. 

1. Justice League Winners

Last week’s MetaX giveaway asked participants to post their favorite “hand filtering” card in the game, with each randomly selected winner receiving 2x Starter Decks of Justice League. The winners (and their votes):

Thanks to everyone that participated, and be on the lookout for another MetaX contest in February (featuring Attack on Titan).

2. NFL Five Preseason


The NFL Five Preseason resumes next weekend! Join us on Sunday, January 31st for Exhibition League matches from 3-6 CST (Zoom invite here). This event will offer players the option to play a casual match against an online opponent, but spectators are also encouraged to participate. Virtual attendees will receive exclusive promo cards, along with a chance to win an invite to the 2021 Kickoff Tournament.

3. MetaX Card of the Week 


One of this week’s contest winners selected Legion of Doom, as this card’s “search power” also enables pitching unwanted Villains from your hand. This effect provides a backbone for an array of Villain builds, allowing instant access to Characters like General Zod, Mr. Freeze, and other situational abilities. Outside of a “pure Villains” deck, consider the potential of this card in a “mixed toolbox” deck.

4. Next Up

Check back on Tuesday for the start of our NFL Five “Playoffs” giveaway, with three Booster Boxes of NFL Five 2020 on the line! After next weekend, watch for new promo cards at two Preseason events in February. Also in February, watch for more Preseason coverage – along with more Organized Play news and notes along the way!