Four for Friday: Super Sunday!

February’s Preseason schedule, a new AoT giveaway, and more below!  

1. Preseason Events in February


There are two Preseason events in February, with a Designer Challenge on the 13th and an Exhibition meetup on the 28th. Both events will offer free promo cards to all virtual attendees:


  • February 13th (3-5 CST): Designer Challenge (Zoom invite here)
  • February 28th (3-6 CST): Exhibition League Play (Zoom invite here)

At the end of each event, participants will also have a chance to win an invite to the 2021 Kickoff Tournament!

2. NFL Five Card of the Week


The Bucs take on the Chiefs in this weekend’s Super Bowl, and All-Pro Travis Kelce is sure to be on the defense’s mind! In NFL Five, his L255 card provides instant access to a maximum yardage boost (at the small cost of including a RB and WR in your lineup). Beyond using this ability solely for value, you can anticipate future effects that reward (or punish!) certain positional lineups.

3. Attack on Titan Giveaway


Check back on Tuesday, February 9th for the start of our Attack on Titan giveaway – featuring a theme of “hard hits.” Watch for details about your chance to win a Starter Deck set, then visit the Panini Games Facebook page to enter. 

4. Coming Up

Be on the lookout for a new NFL Five giveaway at the end of the month (taking a look back at the past season). Aside from coverage of this month’s Preseason events, also look forward to news and teasers for upcoming NFL Five releases! If you’d like your deck featured on the blog, submit your list to with “DECK TECH” in the title.


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