Four for Friday: March Challenge!

March’s first Preseason event takes place this weekend.

1. NFL Five Preseason


Tomorrow’s Designer Challenge (Saturday, March 13th) will take place from 3-5 CST on Zoom – invite here. The event will begin with an exhibition match, followed by a Q&A session with creator Brian Fahmie. All virtual attendees will receive free promo cards:


At the end of the event, two participants will also have the chance to win an invite to the 2021 Kickoff Tournament!

2. JLA Winners

Last week’s Justice League contest asked participants to name cards that they find difficult to face. Nearly every response was a Character, with Battle Cards receiving no votes. The randomly selected winners:

•G. Lau (Hal Jordan – Insatiable Greed)
•Tiana A. (Catwoman – Thief)
•Thomas K. (Lex Luthor – CEO of Lexcorp

Thanks to everyone that participated, and be on the lookout for a chance to win Attack on Titan in April! 

3. NFL Five Gossip

As NFL Five 2021 teasers continue to trickle out, watch for more information about updates to the Rule Book in addition to new card types and the reveal of various dynamic card effects. You should anticipate the introduction of a mechanic that will keep Action cards flowing, along with a new card type that will allow competitive deckbuilding to explode with possibilities. As we approach the set’s debut, stay tuned for preliminary checklist details, release date information, and a look at the new foil pattern!

4. Next Week

Check back on Tuesday for a recap of this weekend’s Preseason event, plus more NFL Five teasers on Friday. Also next week, don’t miss the start of our NFL Five giveaway on March 19th (featuring a theme of “training”). Later this month, watch for an update to the Preseason calendar – including new events and promos in April, May, and June.