Four for Friday: Spring Preseason!

Find Preseason reminders, Attack on Titan winners, new NFL Five teasers, and more below!

1. Designer Challenge

April’s first Preseason event takes place tomorrow from 3-5 CST on Zoom (invite here)! The Designer Challenge will start with a match featuring creator Brian Fahmie, followed by a Q&A session. All virtual attendees will receive new promo cards:

On top of that, you’ll also have a chance to win an invite to the 2021 Kickoff Tournament!

2. Attack on Titan Winners

Last week’s Attack on Titan giveaway asked for participants to name their favorite Rank 7 Character. Mikasa walked away with a landslide victory, followed by variants of Superman and Captain Levi. The winners:

  • A. Bosio (Superboy-Prime – Unstoppable) 
  • Tiana A (Captain Levi – Juggernaut)
  • Richard W (Mikasa Ackermann – Battle Genius)

Thanks to everyone that participated, and be on the lookout for another MetaX giveaway in May!

3. NFL Five Teasers

We’re still a few months away from the official announcement of NFL Five’s next release, but fans can already begin looking forward to new card types, tweaked game mechanics, and updates to the rules! While you’re waiting to see the endless deckbuilding possibilities to come, here are three fast facts about the collectability of the next set:

  • Watch for 15 new Legendary cards in the next set, including a non-Player card
  • Nearly 20 Rookies will also be included, along with more effects that interact with Rookie cards
  • In total, the set will contain over 300 cards – along with 25 new promos

4. Coming Up

If you’re unable to attend this weekend’s Preseason event, you’ll have one more chance to obtain April’s promos on the 18th. Next week, check back for a recap of the Designer Challenge – along with more teasers for NFL Five. Also, be prepared for a new NFL Five giveaway beginning on April 16th (with multiple Starter Decks up for grabs)!