Four for Friday: April Winners!

Giveaway winners, groundbreaking NFL Five 2021 teasers, and more below! 

1. Giveaway Winners

Last week’s NFL Five contest asked participants to name a player that is poised to have a big season in 2021. Cam Newton was the only selection to receive more than one vote – and nearly every response named a QB! The winners:

  • Dustin K. (Cam Newton)
  • Ryan C. (Nick Chubb)
  • Brad W. (Jalen Hurts)

Thanks to everyone that participated, and be on the lookout for an NFL Five 2019 Booster Box giveaway in May! 

2. NFL Five Preseason

We’re kicking off next month with a Designer Challenge on May 1st  – which also means a new cycle of promos! After that, you’ll have another chance to claim May’s promos on the 16th with an Exhibition meetup (Zoom invite here).

3. NFL Five Teasers

The official launch date for NFL Five 2021 will be revealed soon, but until then here are three more facts from the next set:

  • Among other new “Gridiron” cards, look for new effects related to Weather, Stadiums, and more!
  • “All Pro” Player cards will add a new dimension to your chosen lineup, while also impacting deck construction
  • Keep your eyes peeled for “Synergy” cards – which begin the game in play!

4. Coming Up

Aside from an NFL Five win-a-box in May, also watch for a new Justice League giveaway at the start of the month. In the near future, watch for the debut announcement for NFL Five 2021 (with spoilers following soon after). If you’d like your deck featured on the blog, submit your build to with “DECK TECH” in the title.