Four for Friday: May Meetup!

Check below for reminders about Sunday’s Preseason event, along with Justice League winners and new card effects!

1. NFL Five Preseason


May’s final Preseason event takes place this Sunday from 3-6 CST on Zoom (invite here). Join us for an Exhibition meetup, where you’ll have the option to face another player in a webcam match – or simply hang out and chat! All virtual attendees will receive this month’s exclusive promos, (which will rotate to new cards in June):


At the end of the event, you can also win an invite to the 2021 Kickoff Tournament!

2. MetaX Giveaway Winners 

Last week’s Justice League giveaway asked participants to name their favorite Character with a Hero or Villain Trait, with Heroes pulling out a narrow victory. The winners (and their votes):

  • Greg R. (Bizarro – Imperfect Duplicate)
  • David G. (Superman – Last Son of Krypton)
  • Cody S. (Superboy-Prime – Unstoppable)

Thanks to everyone that participated, and stay tuned for a new Attack on Titan giveaway in June!

3. NFL Five 2021 Teasers

We’re quickly approaching a full breakdown of the upcoming set – but for now, here are three more card effects to look forward to:

  • A Player that can change your play without using a Play card (to a Run Reverse, or Play Action Pass!)
  • A Power Up card with the ability to Energize a runner, receiver, or tackler at the end of each play
  • An Action card that can attach a Power Up to a Player directly from your discard pile

4. Coming Up

Check back on Tuesday for coverage of this weekend’s meetup, along with notes about upcoming Preseason events in June. NFL Five 2021’s official launch date will be announced soon, along with spoilers, checklist info, and more! May’s NFL Five win-a-box will also kick off next Friday – watch this space for contest details.