Four for Friday: July Arrival!

See contest results and four new spoilers below!

Before we enter the holiday weekend with this week’s contest winners, here are four more new card effects from the next set of NFL Five:

  • Synergy – Synergy is active if your starting Play and Action decks have at least 30 cards each. You have no maximum hand size. At the start of each possession you may draw a card from your Play or Action deck.
  • Weather – Cancel the ability of the tackler.
  • Unique Play – Offensive: Run. (X = 0 as a play, choose X for Grit.) Defensive: All Passes. (X = 0 as a play, choose X for Grit.)
  • Player – Receive: Gain an additional 20 yards if it’s 3rd down.

Last week’s NFL Five giveaway asked for participants to predict which upcoming new card type will add the most to the game (Gridion, Synergy, or Superstar). Superstar was the most popular response, edging out Synergy cards by a single vote. The three randomly selected winners will each receive 2x Starter Decks from NFL Five 2019:

  • Plattinum S. (Synergy)
  • Christopher C. (Synergy)
  • Jesse H. (Gridiron)

Thanks to everyone that participated, and be on the lookout for two more chances to win in July!