Four for Friday: Free Play Weekend!

See details for tomorrow’s Free Play event below.

1. NFL Five Free Play 

Join us tomorrow (September 17th) from 3-5 CST on Zoom for this month’s NFL Five Free Play event (invite here). You’ll receive four Preseason promos of your choice just for attending, and you also have the option to play an online webcam match – or simply hang out to chat! 

2. NFL Five Giveaway

NFL Five 2021 has four different Starter Decks to collect, and you have a chance to win two of them! Our NFL Five 2021 Starter Deck giveaway kicks off next Friday, revolving around a theme of “Synergy cards.” Check back for contest details on September 24th, then visit the Panini Games Facebook page to enter.

3. NFL Five FAQ 

“When a Player card that is Exhausted goes to the bench, what happens when that Player card returns to the field?”

Unless an effect says otherwise, all cards enter the field Energized.

For more NFL Five rules questions (along with general chat, deck discussion, and more) join the official NFL Five Discord channel here

4. Coming Up

Aside from next week’s NFL Five 2021 giveaway, also watch for a recap of this weekend’s event on Tuesday. Stay tuned for more coverage from the launch window of NFL Five 2021, including an early look at trends in the new metagame. If you’d like your deck featured on the blog, send your list to with “DECK TECH” in the title.