NFL Five 2021 Starter Deck Winners!

See contest results below.

NFL Five 2021 can be found at local stores – and it is now available at major retail locations such as Target and Walmart. Aside from Booster Packs/Boxes, there are also four different configurations of Starter Decks to collect. You can claim free promo cards at our online NFL Five Free Play events, along with promos available through Tournament Kits for local stores (contact for more information).

Several new card types made their debut in the latest set, including Synergy cards. Last week’s NFL Five 2021 Starter Deck giveaway asked for participants to name their favorite Synergy card (out of seven possible choices). All of the candidates received at least one vote, with Pro Bowl Squad and No Guts, No Glory as the most popular responses. The winners:

Thanks to everyone that participated, and watch for two more opportunities to win in October – starting with an Attack on Titan giveaway next week, followed by an NFL Five 2021 win-a-box later in the month!

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