Four for Friday: Fall Justice! 

See JLA giveaway details, NFL Five COTW, and more below.

1. Justice League Giveaway

This month’s MetaX giveaway will award three randomly selected winners with two Starter Decks of Justice League – featuring a theme of costly Events! To enter, visit the Panini Games Facebook page and post your reply to the following:

What is your favorite Event card with a MP cost of 5 or more? 

Results will be announced here on Friday, so be sure to reply before the November 12th deadline! 

2. NFL Five FAQ

Can the ability of Justin Herbert (RK275) discard Gridiron cards?”

No. Gridiron cards are included in your Action deck, but abilities like Justin Herbert and Tom Brady (L204-19) can only interact with Action cards.

Find more rules discussion (along with strategy, deck tips, and more) on the official NFL Five Discord channel.

3. NFL Five Card of the Week 

Fred Warner (R221) was selected in the first round of a recent fan draft, placing him alongside the likes of powerhouse QBs and other Epic/Legendary Players. This versatile effect offers an immediate answer to any of your opponent’s cards that remain in play, allowing you to disrupt their central strategies (or provide yourself insurance against harmful symmetrical effects). On top of that, consider potential combo applications when using this ability to remove your own cards from the field! 

4. Coming Up

Later this month, watch for our NFL Five 2021 Thanksgiving giveaway (revolving around Superstar players). The next online NFL Five Free Play event takes place on November 13th – see details here. If you’d like your gameplay photos featured on the blog, submit event photos to with “TOURNEY REPORT” in the title. 

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