NFL Five Free Play Calendar! 

See the new schedule of NFL Five Free Play events below.

NFL Five Free Play events are online meetups that take place via Zoom. All virtual attendees will receive four promo cards of their choice from the previous wave, and keep watching for more new promos to be added to the pool each month! At these events, you’ll have the option to play an online webcam match – or simply hang out to spectate and chat. Four new Free Play events have been added to the calendar: 

  • May 28th (3-5 CST) – invite here
  • June 18th (3-5 CST) – invite here 
  • July 16th (3-5 CST) – invite here 
  • August 20th (3-5 CST) – invite here 

Aside from those events, you can also attend this weekend’s Free Play event on Saturday, May 7th from 3-5 CST (Zoom invite here).

3 thoughts on “NFL Five Free Play Calendar! 

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