NFL Five 2022 Launch Celebration!

Get the full scoop on the new set below.

NFL Five 2022 is now officially available online (in limited quantities) – and it will be rolling out to retailers (such as Target) and local hobby stores in the coming weeks! 

The next set includes the usual suite of new Rookie cards, Players across all rarities (including Epic and Legendary), and foils (at a rate of 1:3 packs) – along with high impact Action, Gridiron, and Superstar cards to collect and play. For the first time in the game’s history, NFL Five 2022 will also add retired players such as Jerry Rice and Barry Sanders into the mix! This set will see the introduction of team-specific Synergy cards for all 32 NFL franchises, taking deckbuilding possibilities to new heights. 

On Tuesday, watch for a full visual spoiler when the NFL Five 2022 checklist goes live. In the near future, we’ll also provide a photo preview of the set’s dazzling new Rainbow foil pattern. Next Friday, check back for the start of our NFL Five 2022 launch giveaway – where multiple winners will receive a Booster Box of the new set!