Tuesday Tidbits: Fall Forward!

See contest reminders, NFL Five Card of the Week, and more below.

1. Attack on Titan Giveaway

This month’s Attack on Titan giveaway is still open for entry – see participation details here. After that, visit the Panini Games Facebook Page to post your reply before the September 23rd deadline. 

2. NFL Five Card of the Week 

The effect of Derrick Henry (U120-2022) can be thought of as a “super Replay the Down” effect. It requires a successful Run to trigger, but setting the Down Marker back 1 and advancing 15 yards should greatly enhance your chances of scoring. While this card has obvious applications in a Tennessee Titans build, look to maximize its effect in Rainbow builds that can Energize Derrick Henry! 

3. Coming Up 

Check back on Friday for giveaway results, plus more coverage of the emerging metagame (and photos from an upcoming Draft event). Next Tuesday, watch for the start of our NFL Five 2022 Starter Deck giveaway. If you’d like your deck featured on the blog, send your list to OP@paniniamerica.net with “DECK TECH” in the title.