March Rules Roundup! 

See updates to the Tournament Guide, CRD, and new FAQs below!

The Franchise Tag List (in the Tournament Guide) has been updated. L212 T.J. Watt and C31 Robert Quinn have been added to the list, while R215 Ndamukong Suh has been removed. The CRD has also received a revision (clarifying 2022 text on Justin Herbert and A.J. Terrell).


For E190 Mythology, is the requirement to “have a Legend on the bench” met if there is a Defensive Legend on the bench while you are on offense?

Yes. Player cards not on the field are considered to be on the bench.

How does C20 J.J. Watt interact with RK230 Jahan Dotson?

If Dotson changes the play to a Short Pass, Watt’s effect would not apply since the play was not “called.”

How does False Start interact with C80 Chris Godwin?

Chris Godwin’s effect would not apply on the replayed down after False Start has been used. 

If Fatigue is used on U103 Khalil Mack prior to selecting a play, can you still make responses like playing an Action – and would it still count twice? 

In this scenario, you would still be able to respond with an Action card – and it would be used twice. 

Does the effect of C78 Jalen Hurts work if he is exhausted at the start of a possession and your last play from a previous drive was unsuccessful?

No. Effects that refers to things like “your last play” or “the next 1st down” only refer to the current drive – you are never required to keep a floating record of statuses from the previous drive.

Can you score a touchdown with the effect of C95 Carolina Panthers?


If you only need ten yards to score a Touchdown but gain 40 yards on the play, would U112 Keenan Allen’s effect cause you to draw one card or four cards? 

Keenan Allen’s effect refers to the actual yards gained on the play – so you would draw one card. 

For cards like R161 Joe Burrow, what is considered a “chosen” effect?

Any effect that requires you to select a player (such as Out of Position) would apply for Joe Burrow’s effect.

How does U104 Joey Bosa interact with U122 Trevor Lawrence?

Bosa’s effect takes place even if an effect (like Lawrence) would modify the way a Play is selected from your hand.