Panini America Unveils Release Date, Rule Book, Playmat for 2014 Dragon Ball Z Card Game


While the gaming community continues anticipating the celebrated return of the Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game, officials inside Panini America are steadfastly putting the finishing touches on the 2014 Dragon Ball Z Trading Card in preparation for an October 17 release. Up until now, product information has been a closely guarded secret. But with release coming roughly five weeks from now, it’s time to start sharing all of the juicy details.

Today, that process begins in earnest. Not only have we already given you the official release date (October 17), but we’re also providing the official 2014 Dragon Ball Z Rule Book and a Starter Playmat to help you get the gaming juices flowing. Both of those assets can be accessed by clicking the respective links below after the jump. Stay tuned next week when we start previewing some must-see new promo card images.

Here’s the Rule Book: DBZ Rule Book with Covers_opt

EDITOR’S NOTE: All Ally cards have a purple template; the Alignment entry in the glossary is partially incorrect and Allies will not be blue or red. 

Here’s the Playmat: Starter_Playmat

For additional questions or more information on Panini America’s 2014 Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game, you can email us at

8 thoughts on “Panini America Unveils Release Date, Rule Book, Playmat for 2014 Dragon Ball Z Card Game

  1. So, will this webspace ever be useful for community forums and as a resource for card images, tournaments, and rules? Because I’d rather not have to give my precious hits to 3rd party websites for those things.


  2. First of THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BRINGING THIS GAME BACK!!!! Any who my question is will the starter sets be style specific or will they just be a collection of random cards plus the MP?


    • I am desperately looking for a tournament in the inland empire and am having very little luck. I cam across your post. Is there still some sort of community playing this game?


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